Turn On This Setting To Improve The Pixel 6 Fingerprint Sensor

Google Pixel 6 fingerprint sensor AM AH

Google took its sweet time, but has finally moved the fingerprint sensor to being under the display. But that under-display fingerprint sensor is pretty slow. Something that almost every review has mentioned, including my own.

However, there is apparently a way to increase the speed of the fingerprint sensor, with a simple setting. Here’s how you can do it.

Head to Settings. Then tap on Display. And then enable “Increase touch sensitivity”. This is going to be towards the bottom of the page.


This tip comes from Twitter user ZAKtalks Tech. In testing, it doesn’t seem to increase the speed for us on the Pixel 6, and a few others have mentioned that as well. While many others have mentioned that it does improve it. So to each their own.

Hopefully Google has a better fix coming

It’s a workaround, but not one that is appearing to work for everyone. So hopefully, Google will come up with a better software fix in the next update or two. Google does have a number of fixes coming in the December security update, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see that coming too.

Other companies have done fixes to make their fingerprint sensors faster, but typically it results in them being a bit less secure. So there could be some trade-offs here. Though, Google’s fingerprint sensor on the Pixel 6 is pretty slow, compared to the competition. The sensor is also pretty small, so if you don’t hit the sensor correct, you may not actually unlock your phone. Which can be rather annoying.


This is just one of many bugs that people are finding with the Pixel 6 so far. Some have also found that another ghost camera hole punch appears on the Pixel 6. That’s one of the bugs that Google is planning to fix in the next update though.