Top Digital Tools For Startups In 2022

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Startups seem to have become popular streams of revenue within the U.S; however, taking on the challenge of establishing a startup is difficult. To some extent, it appears that entrepreneurs fail should they choose not to integrate digital tools into their business formation since the technicalities of business formation can be complex and stressful without a good incorporation partner.

Digital tools in combination with top registered agent providers in terms of business incorporation application services may potentially save business owners and startup entrepreneurs time and money while developing a sustainable brand. Startups that usually neglect integration and collaboration with new technologies and the business world’s digitization often may run the risk of failing since they may struggle between the balance of professional business formation and prioritization of additional startup duties.

Entrepreneurs who challenge themselves with the task of starting a business may often not realize the legal technicalities and processes for business formation since different U.S. states usually have different requirements when it comes to startup formation. In the modern business world, digital tools like business incorporation services have the potential to ease the workload of aspiring startup owners since they allow for quick and easy formation securely and online. Although there are many service providers who offer registered agents and LLC formation, services that are reputable and reliable, according to research, reputable companies that have the capacity to include services by ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, and Incfile are notable for startups to consider.


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ZenBusiness offers LLC incorporation services at affordable rates, which appears to be one of the lowest price points compared to other incorporation service digital tools. This digital tool provides business formation and digital incorporation services together with a free registered agent. With what seems to be notable customer reviews, this digital tool offers a reliable customer support network to possibly guarantee business owners and startup entrepreneurs are supported every step of the way.

Northwest Registered Agent

For startups who are potentially looking to build their companies with little to no knowledge about formal business formation, Northwest Registered Agent enables business registration for LLCs, Corporations, or Nonprofits. Although it may appear to be more expensive in comparison with competitors, this digital tool offers services directly and simply together with a 12-month free registered agent with any formation and locally scanned documents. Significantly focussing on registered agent services, Northwest Registered Agent appears to be the only nationally registered agent service provider.



As indicated by research, Incfile is a reliable and affordable registered agent service that additionally contributes to online company formation services. By providing free business formation service as well as reasonable registered agent pricing, this digital tool appears to have great customer reviews. Aside from the substantial set of features that come with Incfiles’ business formation packages, they also include 12 months of a registered agent service at no additional charge.This digital tool claims a highly satisfied client base with a handful of negative feedback, which may suggest a powerful digital tool for business formation and incorporation services.


Being in competition with so many registered agent services, LegalZoom boasts a 100% satisfaction guarantee when it comes to their seemingly successful incorporation services. With this digital tool comes significant experience in the legal services field, allowing startup business owners the opportunity of partnering up with a well-established company. Although this service appears to be pricey when comparing other service providers, LegalZoom has years of backing and experience which may indicate being represented by a prevalent and qualified company.

Although LegalZoom does have years of experience as a backing, the customer feedback may not be their greatest strength since their customer feedback reports an equal mix of both positive and negative feedback.


Benefits of Digital Tools for Startups

With the fast-paced contemporary and digital society that the world is today, startup entrepreneurs and business owners in 2022 may not have the time or money to spend on researching and privately doing their formal business formation. Startups who overlook integration of technology run at a hazard of being left behind; in order to stay and maintain their presence in the business world and to establish an apparent competence with competitors, startup owners should embrace digital tools in order to sustain their future success. Although there are many companies that offer online business formation apps, startups interested in incorporating these digital tools into their businesses should research the most suitable fit for their company and what it may require.