Top 10 Sports Apps On Google Play

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2021 has been a big year for sports apps on Google Play. Just this year, Google announced that gambling apps would be available for download, which opened the door for sports betting apps to become widely available.

This has opened up a new avenue for sports fans to explore, but that’s not the only category of sports app available on Android. There are many options for sports fans available on Google Play, including sports news apps, live-streaming sports apps, fantasy sports apps, and sports betting apps.

We think these are the 10 apps any true sports fan needs to download today.


10. MyTeams by NBC Sports

If your team plays on an NBC Sports affiliate throughout the country, this is an absolute must-download. The NBC Sports MyTeams app allows you to link your cable subscription and livestream your teams’ games directly to your mobile device,

NBC Sports has affiliate networks in the Bay Area, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. So, teams like the Golden State Warriors, Philadelphia Phillies, and Chicago Blackhawks are all readily available to be streamed on this app.

Plus, you get easy access to all of NBC Sports’ online coverage of various leagues.


9. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings has established a strong foothold as one of the biggest daily fantasy and sportsbook platforms in the US, and it’s for good reason. Not only were they first on the scene, but they were quick to offer users a great experience, through what Sportsbooks Online considers one of the best sports betting apps available.

Now that gambling apps are readily available on Google Play, you can download your sportsbook directly and get to betting on the action. Provided you live in a state with legal sports betting, you probably have access to DraftKings, as it is one of the most widely available bookmakers in the country.

8. Premier League

Fans of the beautiful game will most definitely want to download the Premier League app. Here, you can read up on the latest news, watch highlights, and check out the schedule and standings for every single Premier League club.


Most importantly, though, you get to select your Fantasy Premier League team. This is a super-fun way to stay engaged with the world’s most popular sports league and build your own top-of-the-table club.

7. The Athletic

In recent years, The Athletic has emerged as one of the biggest and most respected names in the world of sports media. They’ve acquired major journalists and news breakers in the world of sports, such as Shams Charania, Jay Glazer, and Ken Rosenthal.

The Athletic has dedicated subsites for various major markets, including Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York. The depth of coverage, combining long-form pieces with hard-hitting investigative journalism, is a refreshing throwback to the sports sections of old.


It should be noted that you must have a subscription to the site in order to access the full slate of content.

6. NBA

While it may seem obvious to list leagues’ official apps, the National Basketball Association goes above and beyond to provide hoops fans with a great experience. You can, of course, watch highlights and check out the standings and schedule. Come All-Star season, you can also cast your ballots directly from the app.

Where the NBA app really shines is live streaming. NBA League Pass subscribers can stream out-of-market games directly to their mobile device via the NBA app. So, if you’re on the go and can’t get home to watch the game, the NBA app has you covered.


5. FOX Bet Super 6

A growing subgenre of sports betting is the free-to-play game. Prediction games where you can enter for free and stand to win major cash prizes. FOX Bet Super 6 is a great example of how much fun this can be.

On FOX Bet Super 6, you can make predictions on a wide variety of events, such as NFL and NBA games or NASCAR races. You can even predict pop culture events and the stock market!

Playing these types of games is always fun, plus you stand to win cash prizes without even having to risk any of your own money.


4. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

There are tons of fantasy sports operators out there. ESPN and CBS Sports have major offerings, while FanDuel and DraftKings have perfected the daily fantasy game. But, in our opinion, the Yahoo fantasy sports app is the best option going.

Yahoo allows users the chance to play season-long or daily fantasy all from one app. They also go above and beyond the competition to offer the best, most personalized expert analysis of any fantasy operator out there.

3. FanDuel Sportsbook

Possibly the very best sportsbook app in the US belongs to FanDuel Sportsbook. The FanDuel Sportsbook Android app offers users a super-sleek interface, along with advanced betting features.


If you’re interested in betting before or during the game, FanDuel is a great option. Before 2021, sports betting apps were banned from Google Play. With that overturned, users in many states can enjoy the FanDuel Sportsbook app.


ESPN is THE dominant brand in sports media and has been for a very long time. It’s interesting, then, that their app has not always been up to a high standard. However, they’ve invested a lot into improving their mobile offerings, and their app is now a must-have for any sports fans.

Of course, you have your standard offering of scores, highlights, and news that you would expect from any sports media app. ESPN does that well enough, but that’s not what makes them elite. The X-Factor for the ESPN app is ESPN+.

ESPN+ is ESPN’s streaming service that features many live events, such as UFC fights and soccer matches from many different leagues across the world, as well as a massive backlog of content. ESPN original documentaries, like the 30 for 30 series are readily available to stream.

This access to what is essentially sports Netflix is a massive coup for ESPN and makes their mobile offering one of the best sports apps on Google Play.

1. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report has to be considered one of the biggest success stories in the past decade of digital media. After starting out as a list-based site, they grew an organic audience and were eventually bought by Turner.

One of the biggest pluses on their side is their mobile app. The Bleacher Report app is almost fully customizable, meaning you can pick out and follow your own teams, leagues, and even players. With fully integrated social media feeds and aggregated content from other websites, the Bleacher Report app has to be considered the best sports news app available.

The Bottom Line
While the Bleacher Report app is our favorite, there’s no denying that all 10 sports apps are essential for any sports fan. With all of them now readily available on Google Play, there’s no stopping you from trying out every last one and deciding which is your favorite. If you have any questions about Google Play in general, make sure to read our complete guide to the Google Play Store.