Top 10 NBA Apps For Android

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It’s already been a month since the start of the 2021/22 NBA season and there have been some major surprises already and the best is just yet to come. After the first 15 games of the regular season, the Bucks and the Lakers are struggling, while the Warriors and the Wizards are off to a promising start.

With games happening every night, it’s vital for every basketball fan to stay up to date with the latest scores, trade rumours and all NBA news. To get the best out of your basketball season we have collected the top 10 NBA Apps for Android so you wouldn’t miss out on anything.

1. NBA App

There is no better way to start the list than the official NBA app, the ultimate home for all NBA action. With the official NBA app, you can individually select your favourite teams and players, follow their stats and performance during and after every single game. You can also read more about the latest basketball news and watch press conferences, interviews and highlights of game days and best plays. The official NBA app also allows you to subscribe to NBA League Pass so you can watch games live on any device, anywhere. The NBA app definitely covers everything you need to know on game day as well as during games and post-game.


2. Bleacher Report

Bleacher Report is not just one of the most downloaded sports apps but also one of the most comprehensive apps that you can download to follow the NBA. With this app, you get free access to not only the world of NBA but also the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and many other sports worldwide. You can set your own favourite teams, players and leagues and you can also customize the entire notification system so that you only see the live updates, trade rumours, injuries and game day insights for the games that you want to follow. No matter who you support, Bleacher Report definitely has you covered all season long.


There is no list of best sports or NBA apps without the ESPN app. It has been around for years and it is still one of the most downloaded sports apps with over 50 million Android downloads. The ESPN app is at the centre of sports with its many services. You can watch live events and shows from the ESPN networks, plus all the highlights, news and sports analyses that you want. Users get a lot from the app for free but if you want to maximise your experience, then ESPN+ is a good option with its live streaming services and plenty of exclusive content. If you haven’t yet, then make sure to check out these features for the NBA, and also to get all the latest news right as it happens.

4. Yahoo Sports

Just like Bleacher Report or ESPN, Yahoo Sports also covers many different sports worldwide. What makes this app outstanding is its customizable user interface. Yahoo Sports is really good at giving you all the most recent news and updates on your selected sports and events. Here you can also add all of your favourite teams and players and in return, you’ll get everything you need to know about the latest NBA action. Yahoo Sports combines the complexity of an all-round sports app but with its well-customized user interface, you’ll get the best of the NBA every day with dozens of videos, highlights and minute to minute news updates.


5. The Score

The Score has a huge fan base throughout the world because of its chat function. It lets you connect with other fans and supporters of your team. There are also different options that you can choose from. You can engage in public sports conversations before and during games or you can create your own groups with only the members that you want to share news with. If it’s not the community that makes The Score stand out, then it’s the sports betting coverage. With every single game you tap on, you don’t just see all the lineups, injuries, and latest news but also the current odds for a series of sports betting markets. All you need to do is just to scroll down on the matchup section and then you’ll clearly see the favourites for the games that you can place your bets on. For more information about sports betting online, be sure to check out Bookies Bonuses USA. This site does not have an app but provides updated information about the best legal betting sites in every US state.

6. FlashScore

FlashScore is a classic app that covers both NBA and NCAA basketball. Here you won’t find the most amazing graphics but it has all the raw numbers. Basketball has its own section on the app and you can filter that down to the NBA. The FlashScore app is better suited for basketball fans who want to follow live scores, results and all team and player stats. Here you can select your favourite teams, ongoing games and receive notifications only for the selected events. FlashScore is definitely one of the sports apps on Google Play that many people would select for its simplicity and clarity.

7. Basketball NBA Live Scores

If you are looking for an alternative to any of the sports apps featuring the NBA above, then Basketball NBA Live Scores may be of interest. This NBA app has been around for a little while but it has been living in the shadows of many of the more well-known sports apps. With Basketball NBA Live Scores you get what you want to see: basketball and only basketball. This includes up to date stats, matchups, live scores, updates, and game notifications for your favourite teams.


8. 365Scores

365Scores may not be the most known sports app for the NBA but with over 10 million downloads it’s definitely one of the most popular sports apps worldwide. Why should you choose 365Scores as your NBA app for the season? Because it has it all. It may be an overall sports app but as soon as you set your favourite sport to basketball and your league to NBA, then all you will see is just the NBA. Every single game is detailed with team and player stats, official highlights from the NBA and the teams themselves. There are several live courts that show you where your team made most of their shots and where they fell short. There are lots and lots of player stats, live notifications, as well as minute by minute commentary on every game from editors to keep you excited all game long.

9. SofaScore

Another great app to follow this year’s NBA season is SofaScore. You may not have heard about this app before but it’s certainly one of the best with over 10 million Google Play downloads. If you’re more interested in following NBA scores live in a simpler user-friendly interface then this app is great. Every game has its own built-in interface where you can follow all of the details of every game. There is a separate box score section as well as even more stats, standings, videos and news. On top of all this, there is a chat for each game where fans and supporters can engage with each other. If you’re interested in NBA betting, then SofaScore also shows you the latest pre-game and live odds throughout the entire game.

10. LiveScore

Let’s finish the list with another great app for following live NBA scores. This app excels in live sports. As soon as you pick your teams, you’ll be able to select how you want to receive notifications. The built-in calendar will remind you when it’s game time and you won’t miss any of the action. You can also customize which of your favourite teams should be tracked live and you’ll only get notifications for the ones you want to keep an eye on. The LiveScore app also shows the latest sports betting odds and it also shows you a recommendation for betting sites. If sports betting is your thing then make sure to check out which sportsbooks have apps because betting apps are no longer banned from the Play Store.