Tile Trackers Bundles Can Help You Track Your Things This Black Friday

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Tile trackers are a great way to smartly keep tabs on things you own but often lose track of and now, there’s a wealth of those products on sale in bundles for Black Friday. With discounts of up to 40-percent off.

Now, some of the deals on Tile trackers include products that were already on sale as part of Amazon’s early Black Friday deals. But now those are bundled up with other trackers for even bigger savings. Namely, a two-pack of Tile Mate — the (2022) designation — is 27-percent off. Putting the price at $34.99, rather than its $47.99 list price. But the company is also selling some older Tile trackers at big discounts too.

For starters, the 2020 version of the above-mentioned Bluetooth-focused Tile Mate is 40-percent off. Priced at $14.99. The Pro model from that same year can be had for just $24.49. That delivers twice the range, at 400-feet, compared to the less pricey model. And comes at a discount of 30-percent off its $34.99 list price.


Of course, a two-pack of the Tile Sticker (2022) is also available, priced at $39.99 compared to its usual $54.99. As its branding implies, this Tile is different from other of the brand’s trackers in that it works by adhering rather than as a keyring or wallet insert. It also comes with an up to 3-year non-replaceable battery, 250-feet of range, and features such as phone finding and smart home integration. Atop its other standard features like an IP67 rating.

Get a real bundle and save even more on Tile trackers for Black Friday

Finally, the company has two bundles of Tile trackers that bring the whole — or most of the — ecosystem together for Black Friday. Both feature 2020 model gadgets that should help buyers keep tabs on just about anything they could need to. And each is discounted by 30-percent.

The first of the bundles cost $41.99 and has been dubbed the Tile Performance Pack. It includes a wallet-sized Tile Slim and Tile Pro keychain-style tracker. The second, dubbed Tile Pro Essentials, doubles up on the Tile Pro and packs in a Tile Sticker. And that bundle costs $69.99 — down from its $99.99 typical price tag.


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