Get The Latest Tile Trackers At 20% Off During Amazon's Cyber Monday

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Tile has helped lead the way on Bluetooth trackers — and reportedly has plans to go further still — and now its latest trackers are on sale for Amazon’s Cyber Monday sales. Specifically, the Tile trackers in question are the keychain-ready Tile Mate and wallet-tracking Tile Slim. And each of these 2022 models is exactly 20-percent off its usual price tag.

What do these Cyber Monday-worthy Tile trackers do and how much do they cost?

Summarily, Tile trackers serve as a way to rediscover things users have misplaced. They work via Bluetooth. And with either an Android or iOS app, in order to keep tabs on things using algorithms associated with the Bluetooth signal. And, via that method, can give users visual feedback about how close they are to finding their lost items. Or provide insights into where, exactly, the Tile tracker was the last time it contacted the smartphone in question.

The two Tile trackers on sale for Cyber Monday are designed for differing, but specific, tracking purposes. Both are water-resistant with up to a 250-foot range. Each has a battery that can last up to 3 years before being replaced. The primary difference is in their use cases.


The first Tile tracker, dubbed the Tile Mate, is designed as a fob with a hole in it for attaching lanyards, keyrings, or similar. So it serves as a way to keep tabs on a phone — or other gadgets that have lanyard holes — or anything from car keys to a backpack.

Typically priced at $24.99, the Tile Mate is presently on sale for $19.99.

Tile Slim, conversely, is priced at $27.99 — down from $34.99. And it’s engineered with a size and shape that can be easily fitted into a wallet. Helping users locate their money, IDs, credit cards, receipts, and anything else they’re storing there. Without the hassle of having to dig endlessly through couch cushions, under car seats, or anywhere else the wallet might have been lost.


Tile Mate & Tile Slim (2022) Cyber Monday deals