The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR Adds Yuri Sakazaki And King

KOF PR Image 20211101

The mobile game, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR just unveiled some new goodies for its fans. In a big update, the game brought some new features, dungeons, and two new players.

There’s a new dungeon in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

No one is free from grinding to improve their stats; this is where dungeons come in. In this new update, The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is introducing a new dungeon to play on the side.

It’s called the Deimos Base. This Dungeon will play similarly to different towers in the game, only instead of ascending from tier to tier, you’ll be descending. You will play through each stage with a couple of waves of enemies with a boss at the end.


A new feature for this dungeon is the buff system. Before each match starts, there’s a couple of different buffs that you can get if you beat the stage. When you receive the buff, it will be added to your buff pool and can be used in the next round. Playing this dungeon will earn you awards like Awaken EXP capsules, Fighter Tickets, rubies and more.

There are new login bonuses and a battle pass

If you’re an avid player, there are some new consecutive login bonuses. Firstly, if you login consecutively for five days, you will earn a selection box with an elite skill level up card.

There’s also a new battle pass system. If you play in the events, you will clear daily missions. Doing so will earn you battle pass EXP to ascend to higher tiers. As you ascend, you will earn awards, gold and other goodies.


What people are most excited for are the two new characters

The biggest news in the update would be the two new characters that you can earn and fight with in the game, Yuri Sakazaki and King. You’ll be able to pick up these new characters through the Special Signature Fighter Summon event. These fighters will introduce a new and exciting fighting mechanic to the game: charged attacks.

What is The King of Fighters ALLSTAR?

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is a mobile beat’em up with RPG elements. A departure from the 1v1 fighting gameplay of the original series, this game has you playing through levels, fighting foes and beating bosses. You’ll earn gold, EXP, characters, and other treats along the way.

It’s a free-to-play mobile game, but there are paid elements. If you are interested in playing it, it’s available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. Just know that it will take up about 3GB of space on your device.