The JMGO U2 Is An Android-Powered 4K HDR Laser Projector & You Can Finally Buy It

JMGO U2 Projector AM AH

The JMGO U2 projector is finally available to purchase from Amazon. It’ll cost you $2,999, but for the first week it is being knocked down to just $2,399, or about 23% off of its regular price.

This particular projector launched as an Indiegogo project over the summer, so it’s great to see it finally be available to everyone. I’ve actually been using it since around August, and absolutely love it. Now this isn’t a full review of the projector, that will come soon, but I must say this has solved all the issues I’ve had with previous projectors.

One of the big issues with projectors is the brightness. I’ve used some of Anker’s cheaper, portable projectors, and let me tell you, the brightness is pretty sad. Of course, those are a couple of hundred dollars, portable projectors, so we can’t really compare that to the JMGO U2. But the U2 is really impressive. It is rated at 2400 ANSI Lumens and can be boosted up to 3600 ANSI. That is very bright, and in fact, you can use it in a well-lit room and still see the screen perfectly fine.


JMGO uses Luna OS on the U2, which based on Android. But you don’t have to use it. There are two HDMI ports, including an HDMI ARC port available. So you can plug in a Chromecast with Google TV, a PS5, or even a Sonos Arc if you want some Dolby Atmos here.

The U2 is an ultra-short throw, 4K HDR projector

Typically, projectors show lower resolution than they are advertised for. That’s just because of how projectors work. And of course, the larger the display, the more stretched out that resolution looks. So this is not the sharpest 4K HDR display we’ve seen, but it is a lot better than some other projectors we’ve checked out over the years.

The picture quality on this projector is really impressive, and it’s an ultra-short throw. Which means you can put it up against a wall and get up to 100-inches of screen. It can be as close as 9.4-inches from the wall. This also means that you won’t need to worry about people walking in front of it and blocking the picture.


JMGO didn’t stop with the screen either. As the audio here is also top-notch. They worked with DynAudio to provide some really great sound quality, with two tweeters on either side that are higher than the projector. Providing a really great experience.

You can buy the JMGO U2 laser projector from Amazon today by clicking here.