TCL’s 8K Roku TVs Can Now Stream 8K Content With New Channel 

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Roku is bringing the Explorers 8K Channel to 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TVs. This will be the first premium 8K channel on the popular TV lineup. The Explorers 8K platform brings fresh content each day and a ton of other nature-related videos.

Content from The Explorers is available for free, while a subscription will set you back by $3/month. Notably, a tenth of the revenue generated from this goes to The Explorers Foundation towards protecting biodiversity (via). Customers who own 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TVs are also eligible for a three-month free trial.

TCL’s new range of 8K Roku TVs was unveiled at CES 2021

8K televisions can’t be found in abundance, but TCL has been at the forefront of this technology for quite a while. The company first unveiled its 8K Roku TVs at CES 2019. Meanwhile, TCL refreshed the lineup of its 8K Roku TVs at CES 2021 earlier this year.


While 8K content is generally hard to find, this latest addition expands the users’ choices significantly. YouTube is one of the only alternative sources to find decent 8K content.

“Launching TCL’s first 8K resolution TVs in North America this year in partnership with Roku was very significant. We’re making 8K more accessible with our premium televisions, and we are also making bold moves with Roku to ensure there is 8K resolution content out there for our users to enjoy,” said Chris Larson, Senior VP at TCL.

“The quality of our Earth Inventory in 8K HDR allows us to transport the audience to the very heart of the subject. We are excited to know that the transformative beauty of The Explorers Earth Inventory will now be available at the maximum resolution and quality in homes through the TCL 6-Series 8K Roku TV,” CEO of The Explorers, Olivier Chiabodo, said in a press release.


The 6-Series 8K TCL Roku TVs are available in 65-inch and 75-inch models. These TVs feature the company’s proprietary mini-LED backlight technology for superior contrast and overall performance. So if you own these televisions and fancy a virtual visit to the Arctic glaciers, be sure to check out The Explorers 8K Channel.

The idea behind 8K televisions is to future-proof your entertainment system. While 8K is yet to become mainstream, there’s no denying that it is the future of televisions. The cost appears to be the only factor holding customers back right now. However, TCL’s 8K Roku TVs are undoubtedly the cheapest out there.