T-Mobile Giving Customers A Year Of Paramount+ For Free, In Case You Forgot It Existed

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T-Mobile has announced that it is giving its customers a free year of Paramount+.

Starting on November 9, any T-Mobile or Sprint customer on a post-paid cellular or home internet plan can get a year of Paramount+.

Now there are some caveats here, of course. That includes the fact that this is for the Paramount+ Essentials plan. That’s the $4.99/month plan that has “limited commercial interruptions”. It also lacks a stream of your local CBS station. But you will still get NFL and Champions League games through the Essentials plan.


This is a big boost for the floundering Paramount+

ViacomCBS rebranded its CBS All Access service as Paramount+ earlier this year, and since then, it’s been pretty much forgotten. A big reason for this is because there are just so many other streaming services out there, and there’s not a lot of content available on Paramount+ that’s going to get users to sign up.

However, Paramount+ does have Star Trek, so if you’re a big Star Trek fan, it might be worthwhile to sign up.

But this freebie from T-Mobile is going to be a big push for Paramount+. Since T-Mobile has over 104 million customers. So even if half of them sign up, that’s a huge jump in subscribers for the service. However, those are not paying customers. And it’s unlikely that many of them will stick around after the year of it being free is over. We’re going to see the same with Discovery+ in a few months, once the year free from Verizon is over with.


However, this could be what ViacomCBS needs to get Paramount+ off the ground. As customers are basically getting a year-long free trial. And some might stick around after the year is over with. but Paramount+ is going to need to add more content to keep these customers around.