Sygic Navigation App Can Now Detect Traffic Signs In Real-Time

Sygic Traffic Signs

The developer of the offline GPS navigation app, Sygic, is announcing a game-changing feature across its mobile apps. The company claims its apps can now successfully detect traffic signs on the road. According to Sygic, the feature leverages the smartphone camera to recognize “speed limits from traffic signs and LED screens,” while displaying the legal speed limit on your device’s screen.

Known as “Sign recognition,” Sygic said this feature is coming to the Android and iOS versions of the app ahead of Black Friday.

This feature could be limited to subscribers of Sygic Premium+

The developer said existing customers of Sygic will get the feature with version 20.9.0 of the app. This update will begin rolling out over the next few days, Sygic said. It’s worth noting that this feature would be available exclusively to Sygic Premium+ subscribers.


“The potential is definitely greater. For starters, we are already working on training the algorithm to recognise various other objects – number plates, pedestrians, traffic lights and so on. Today’s roads put an increasing demand on a driver’s ability to focus, and we see it as necessary for technology to step in and help ensure driver safety,” said Lukas Dermek, Head of Product at Sygic.

“Image recognition and artificial intelligence can definitely find their uses there, whether in GPS navigation, insurance products, road safety campaigns, you name it.”

The Slovakia-based GPS navigation app uses extensive AI applications to ensure this feature runs smoothly and accurately. This gives Sygic a significant advantage over contemporary offerings that can only access speed limit information from map data. Moreover, Sygic said it wants to further develop its image recognition tech while also finding “new uses.”


You can check out Sygic’s new Sign recognition feature in action from the video below:

Last year, the company brought a new feature called “Mobile Speed Cam” to its mobile apps. This would notify drivers when they’re nearing a speed camera to avert speeding violations. This also has the added benefit of cutting down the risk of accidents. Additionally, Sygic said the feature had the potential to reduce accidents in “danger and high-risk zones.”

Sygic said it uses an international database of speed camera locations to provide “outstanding quality and accuracy” in limiting speeds. The data is gathered via field surveys, news feeds, and user-based communities.


Sygic Traffic Signs Portrait