SteelSeries Releases CS: GO-Inspired Neo Noir Peripherals

SteelSeries Neo Noir Collection

SteelSeries is a well-known gaming peripherals brand that occasionally releases sets of game-partnered accessories, the latest being its new Neo Noir collection.

For those unaware, Neo Noir is a collection of skins from CS: GO. So these new accessories are perfect for fans of the game. Though even if you don’t play CS: GO and like the design, why not outfit your battle station with some new gear?

Although the Neo Noir collection of accessories is the latest partnered peripheral offering, SteelSeries has launched a number of game collection accessories in the past. Including an MMO mouse based on World Of Warcraft. With Neo Noir, however, you’re getting a few more products than some of the older collections from years ago.


The SteelSeries Neo Noir collection includes four accessories

There are four total accessories you can get your hands on as part of this collection. Also worth noting is that these are limited edition releases. So it’s quite likely that they won’t be in stock for a long period of time. That isn’t to say people should drop everything and go buy them immediately out of necessity. But we wouldn’t wait too long. As stock issues have hit just about every product industry for popular items.

Or items perceived to be popular by resellers. As for what the accessories are, they include two mouse mats, a mouse, and some headset earcup plates. Specifically, there’s the Neo Noir edition Prime Mouse, QcK Prism XL, QcK Prism L, and the Arctis Pro Speaker Plates.

Accessories are only available from SteelSeries

You can buy SteelSeries products just about everywhere, but according to the company you can only buy these direct from SteelSeries.com. It’ll run you $69.99 each for the QcK Prism XL and the Prime Mouse, $19.99 for the QcK Prism L, and $29.99 for the Arctis Pro Speaker Plates.


Worth noting is that the speaker plates are also only available in North America. So if you live outside that region you won’t be able to buy them. At least not direct through SteelSeries, though you may be able to get them secondhand through a third-party reseller.

All four accessories are available now.