Samsung's Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Is $150 Off Right Now

Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum Deal

Look everyone hates cleaning, that’s why you should consi9der picking up the Samsung Jet Bot Robot Vacuum which Samsung has a Black Friday deal on currently.

Since this is a Black Friday deal, the savings won’t last long. As Samsung will likely end up pulling the price soon. But more importantly Samsung could simply run out of stock on the item. Normally the Jet Bot Robot Vacuum retails for $599, but for Black Friday Samsung’s deal brings the price down to just $449.

Which isn’t bad for all of the features that this thing comes with. And let’s be honest, everyone hates cleaning and if there’s anything you could do to help relieve some of those chores, wouldn’t you want to do it?


The Jet Bot features intelligent power control, meaning it can figure out what surface it’s on and adjust the suction power accordingly. Like all robot vacuums, you can set up no-go zones with the Jet Bot so it only cleans the portion of your space that you want it to. For instance, if you don’t want it vacuuming your bedrooms, you can set those as no-go zones and it’ll stay out of them.

Additionally, it’s got real-time tracking and you can even wash the dust bin. Which is a real time saver when it comes to emptying that out and cleaning without washing. When it comes to navigation, the Jet Bot uses a LiDAR system to precisely map every inch of your home that you want it to clean.

You can then see that map on your phone through the companion app. In addition to this model of the Jet Bot on sale, Samsung is actually discounting all of its vacuums for Black Friday. And this includes other models of the Jet Bot, such as the one that comes with the self-cleaning and self-emptying bin.


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