Samsung QLED & Neo QLED TVs Get A Big Price Cut For Black Friday

Black Friday Deals QLED Neo Samsung TVs presser 2021

If you’re in the market for a new TV for Black Friday and want to buy one of the best available, Samsung QLED and Neo QLED TVs are getting some significant price cuts on Amazon. Ranging in sale price from $497.99 all the way up to $2,597.99. With the discounts themselves going as high as up to 36-percent off.

Now, the less expensive TVs up for grabs from Samsung for Black Friday are the older or less advanced models. The difference between QLED and Neo QLED, for starters, is that Neo QLED builds on the foundation of QLED. So it’s QLED but improved substantially.

Offerings on the QLED front start at a 43-Inch Class QLED TV in Samsung’s Q60A Series. That’s priced at $497.99, 17-percent off the typical $599.99 price. As with the other smart TVs on this list, it packs Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby AI assistant access. It’s the user’s choice which of those will be utilized. And it features AI-driven 4K upscaling as well as TIZEN-based Smart TV features. And that’s atop all of the inputs and plugs anybody could want.


Which Neo QLED TVs from Samsung are on sale for Black Friday?

For those looking to spend a bit more for similar features in the same series but a 75-inch form factor, that model is 27-percent off. Bringing the price down by $402 to just $1,097.99. An 85-inch version — at 36-percent off — lands at just $1,797.99, conversely. There is also a range of different-sized TVs at prices in between.

However, the biggest deals for those who truly want a next-gen upgrade on the TVs front are going to be Samsung’s Neo QLED offerings for Black Friday. With prices ranging from a QN85A Series set that’s normally $1,599.99 priced down at $1,097.99 — a 31-percent discount. And not only does this set have improved QLED technology for a better image. It also features “Object Tracking Sound” with multi-channel audio support to provide a 3D representation of audio that follows what’s on-screen.

Of course, for those who want the very best of the offerings available on the QLED front, Samsung’s 75-Inch Class Neo QLED QN90A Series is almost $1000 off at $2,597.99. And its QN85A Series 75-inch set is more than $1000 off at $1,997.99. So there’s really a set here that should suit just about any need or budget.


Samsung QLED and Neo QLED TVs Black Friday deals