Keep Hard Floors Clean With This Samsung Jetbot Mop Cyber Monday Sale

Black Friday 2021 Deals Samsung Jetbot Mop presser

Robotic Vacuums are a big deal for this year’s Cyber Monday sales but, if you only have hard floors, you’re going to want to look at something like the Samsung VR20T6001MW/AA Jetbot Mop instead. And that’s currently priced at $199.00 on Amazon — 34-percent off its usual $299.99 price tag.

What do you get with the Samsung Jetbot from this Cyber Monday sale?

Now, as its branding implies, this Samsung Jetbot Mop is a robotic mop, rather than a vacuum. What’s less clear from the branding, however, is that it features dual-spinning pads with a run time of up to 100-minutes. That’s in terms of battery life, with only 150-minutes required for a recharge.

In terms of functionality, Samsung Jetbot Mop automatically navigates in the home or business. With sensors included, preventing drop-offs on stairs, as well as avoiding walls, carpet, or furniture. The water and cleaning solution for the mop is managed automatically via a dual-tank design. With Jetbot dispensing them for up to 50-minutes of runtime without the need to refill.


Samsung also ships the Jetbot robotic mop that’s featured in this Cyber Monday sale with two different pad types. One is microfibre, intended for smoother surfaces. The other is “Mother Yarn,” with coarser strands intended for getting into cracks and crevices. And either can be selected at any time, thanks to Samsung’s design making things easier to swap out. While the pads themselves extend beyond the edges so that it gets into corners easily as well.

Finally, and perhaps best of all, Samsung’s Jetbot Mop features a convenient handle. But that’s not only designed for carrying. In fact, Samsung included it so that home- and business owners can easily pick up the mop to clean walls. For instance, in a bathroom, shower, or countertop backsplash. Making this a great secondary device to have, even if you’ve already got a great smart vacuum.

Samsung Jetbot Mop Cyber Monday deal