Galaxy Home Mini 2 Is Coming, But You May Not Be Able To Get It

samsung galaxy home mini

When we talk about Samsung, the first thing that comes to our minds are the feature-loaded Android smartphones that the company produces.

However, taking a brief look at their portfolio, you would understand that the company develops and produces a wide variety of consumer and industry electronics.

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker, but it never left its home country of South Korea. There is no chance that it will ever debut in other regions.


In line with this, according to the latest report by SamMobile, sources reveal that Samsung is working on the second generation of Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker, named Galaxy Home Mini 2.

Sadly, there is again no chance of the upcoming Galaxy Home Mini 2 smart speaker to launch outside of South Korea. Meaning it would be exclusively for the home country.

The so-called Galaxy Home Mini 2 is expected to carry model number SM-V320. Moreover, it is also speculated to be equipped with a display. There is no clarity on what design the display would be in.


Samsung launched this smart speaker as a test launch for a new line of devices

Further, reports suggest that the Galaxy Home Mini 2 would be something similar to Google Home Hub or it will be shaped like the previous-gen Home Mini, with a speaker on top.

We wouldn’t take out the guessing game too far. As there isn’t any concrete information available at this point about the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2. So, we would advise our readers to take mentioned information with a pinch of salt.

As noted by the source, Samsung developed this Galaxy Home Mini smart speaker to test-launch a new line of devices. Apparently, the company wanted to collect user feedback on its product before committing to large-scale production.


The company, unfortunately, did not release its smart speaker outside of the home region. It was exclusive to the South Korean market. We expect the Galaxy Home Mini 2 to follow similar footsteps, but it will come out in large quantities.

Samsung is also expected to improve on the shortcomings, its previous-gen smart speaker came out with the next-gen model. If the development of the Mini 2 smart speaker continues in full swing, we may see the actual device by early next year.

Possibly at the MWC 2021 or perhaps a few months later. Whatever it may be, it would definitely be interesting to see how the company marches ahead. Especially with its smart speakers line of products.