Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro Could Cause Ear Infections

DG AH 2021 Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro 04

The Galaxy Buds Pro and the Galaxy Buds 2 are Samsung’s most recognizable TWS earbuds. Multiple reports discuss how these earbuds could potentially damage users’ ears, specifically in the form of ear infections.

Android Central reports (via) that several users are facing this issue. While Samsung hasn’t published a statement on the matter yet, it seems like the company has acknowledged this concern. Some impacted customers are reportedly getting a full refund. Moreover, Samsung is also supposedly paying the medical bills of some users.

The use of components like nickel and acrylate on the earbuds could be causing ear infections

Since this incident only came to light recently, there’s no information on what’s causing ear infections among customers. But it is likely that the use of nickel on the charging contacts may be a contributing factor.


Nickel can cause skin irritation for some users. Moreover, some newer Samsung earbuds also use a material known as acrylate, which could also be furthering the problem.

Offering refunds and paying for some users’ medical bills indicates that Samsung is well aware of this major concern. But since no statement has come since the incident first came to light, we’re led to believe that the company is conducting an internal investigation on the matter.

Some affected users are filing a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer over its relative inaction. This lawsuit claims that a defect in the Galaxy Buds Pro leads to allergic reactions with cases of “itching, burning, redness, blistering, flaking, scabbing and/or fluid leaking from the ear.”


“Samsung’s marketing techniques are false and misleading in that a reasonable consumer would believe that the Earbuds were of premium quality, are capable of being used as intended and would not result in health risks under ordinary use,” the lawsuit alleges.

Users of the Galaxy Buds 2 or the Buds Pro can reach out to Samsung through online or offline channels for the next steps. While technical issues with Samsung’s TWS earbuds are not particularly new, health concerns of this magnitude are certainly uncommon. We hope Samsung issues a clarification on the matter before more users are put in harm’s way.

This could be a massive embarrassment for Samsung since the Galaxy Buds Pro is its high-end offering. While the company has urged some users to try aftermarket foam tips to alleviate the issue, the concern seemingly persists.