Good Lord This Roku Deal Is Super Cheap For Black Friday

Roku LE HD Deal

If there was ever a stocking stuffer to end all stocking stuffers this year, it has to be this Roku LE HD streaming device, which Walmart is offering in a Black Friday deal for dirt cheap.

Now, there have been plenty of amazing deals so far for Black Friday 2021, but good lord this Roku LE HD deal has to be towards the top. Normally this model, which is a Walmart exclusive, retails for $30. And that’s already a really good price point to turn just about any TV into a TV that you can stream content to. But for Black Friday Walmart has slashed the price of the Roku LE HD down to $15. Officially cutting the price tag in half.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who is hard to shop for and doesn’t already have a means of streaming content to their TVs. Roku is notoriously easy to use when it comes to streaming devices, and the LE HD even comes with an HDMI cable. So, there is literally nothing else (hardware-wise) that the gift recipient has to buy.


They can just open the box, plug this in, and power it on. Next step… enjoy content. Naturally, to make the most of this you’ll need to subscribe to any number of different services. Whether it be Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, or anything of the other services out there.

Now, this is only HD resolution. And that’s part of the reason this is so inexpensive to begin with. But HD can still be perfectly fine for movies and TV. If you or the person this gift is for wants 4K, Walmart also has the 2021 model of the 4K streaming stick on sale. Normally $50 but for Black Friday it’s down to $30. Whatever you decide on, it’s sure to be loved. But for cost’s sake, the Roku LE HD seems like the better bet.

Roku LE HD - Walmart