These Rocketbook Planners Modernize Staying Organized For Black Friday

Black Friday Deals Rocketbook Panda Planners presser

If you’re looking to better organize and plan your personal, academic, or work life, Amazon now has two styles of Rocketbook Panda Planners on sale for Black Friday. In fact, both styles are 30-percent off. That brings the price down to just $24.50, for a planner with “Executive” style pages — that’s 6 x 8.8-inch pages. Or to just $25.90 for standard letter-size pages.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar, Rocketbooks are typically reusable notebook-style products aspiring to not only be better for the environment. But also looking to help users digitize their planners via the Rocketbook app.

To that end, the pages themselves are engineered to feel like real paper but are washable with warm water. The planners come with no fewer than nine sections comprised of that paper-like material. That includes a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly planner. As well as Annual, Goals, and Roadmap sections. Finally, it also includes Blank, Lined, and Dot-Grid pages.


Once the pages are drawn or written on, the Rocketbook app is used to scan the pages. And those are then analyzed via OCR, with recognition for characters and text occurring automatically. Then the files are saved as PDFs or JPGs. And can be sent to cloud services ranging from email to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, box, OneNote, Slack, iCloud, and others. All controllable within the app.

What’s the difference between the Rocketbook planners in this Black Friday sale?

In terms of differences, Rocketbook says those go beyond simple size disparities in the planners it’s put up for Black Friday too.

Both styles, available in Scarlet Sky, Neptune Teal, Midnight Blue, and Infinity Black colorations, ship with one page for the year-view segment. As well as six pages each for goal pages and month planning — for up to 3-months. Each also comes with four pages for planning out weeks, in addition to two dot-grid and lines pages. Finally, both come with 1 blank page.


The primary difference is that four additional pages are included for the Executive version in terms of the daily planner. A total of 14 pages. Those are also split across 7 days in the executive version compared to 10 days in the Letter style. Giving more productivity-focused users more space to work with. Similarly, the weekly planner, although holding the same number of pages, only covers two weeks of planning in the Executive version. That’s compared to four weeks in the Letter style.

Overall, that gives the Executive version four extra pages at a total of 36 reusable pages compared to the Letter version. Each also includes a stylish Pilot Frixion Pen and microfiber cloth for cleaning the pages.

Rocketbook Panda Planners Black Friday deals