PUBG Mobile Partners With Riot Games To Bring Arcane Characters

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Tencent Games is on a mad dash to partner PUBG Mobile with every IP that exists today. The company just announced a new partnership with Riot Games, the folks who brought you League Of Legends. This partnership will bring characters from the upcoming series “Arcane” into the PUBG Mobile world.

We’re not sure what characters are coming to PUBG Mobile

Tencent Games is really pushing its mobile game with this slew of new partnerships. There’s the ongoing Baby Shark event that’s happening along with the Liverpool Football Club event. It looks like the company is not stopping, as it’s hopping on the hype generated by Arcane.

There’s a short 26-second long trailer that lets us know about the partnership, but it doesn’t say much more than that. Unfortunately, you don’t get to see any of the gameplay with the characters.  At the moment, we know about the two sisters Jinx and Vi, as well as Jayce, and some of the main villains, but other characters are still a mystery. Since the series hasn’t premiered yet, this is understandable.


There will also be items and game modes

A partnership with an MMO wouldn’t be complete without items. In this partnership, PUBG Mobile will get some items from the show. Just like the characters, we don’t know what will be coming. We can probably expect there to be some weapons that reflect the overall theme of the show. We also can’t rule out clothing items to dress up the characters.

Along with items, there will be some new game modes coming. It’s tough to say what to expect, as there wasn’t much information given about the partnership. The new game modes may actually take place in the world that Arcane takes place in.

The companies didn’t say much outside of “Arcane characters coming to PUBG Mobile. What’s fortunate is that more information will come out as time goes on. If you can’t wait, the update will officially launch on November 16th. By that time, the series will already have been out for more than a week.


What is Arcane?

If you don’t know what Arcane is, it’s an upcoming animated Netflix series that takes place in the Runeterra (where World of Warcraft takes place). It was announced earlier this year, and now we’re only days away from the premiere. If you’re interested in seeing it, Arcane will premier on November 6th on Netflix.

Riot Games is actually going to be showing the premiere on Twitch as a live event. If you want to see the Arcane characters in PUBG Mobile, download it here.