Sleek Proscenic Vacuums Are Up For Black Friday Sale At Up To 46% Off

Black Friday deals 2021 proscenic vacuums presser

One of the biggest smart home categories around is that for robotic vacuums and now you can get one for Black Friday at up to 46-percent off, from Proscenic. While not the most well-known or popular brand around, the Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with some fairly advanced features too. Not least of all, it features smart home integration and laser-based navigation. The latter of which eliminates some of the privacy concerns associated with these types of gadgets.

But that’s not all, this model is also compatible with one of the newest features in robotic vacuums but for less. Including mopping features. And with a sale price of just $269. Making this one of the highest-value of the robotic vacuums you can buy for Black Friday. Setting aside all of its other great listed features, this vacuum comes with compatibility with Proscenic’s Intelligent Dust Collector. So, if you purchase that gadget separately, you won’t have to empty the vacuum out every time it runs.

Conversely, those who also want a robot vac with mopping action, but which comes a bit cheaper, can pick up the more traditional Proscenic 850T Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Like the M7 Pro, the Proscenic 850T is a smart home-ready AI-powered vacuum. But it also features a mop. So it will work on both carpets and hard floors. And that’s priced down at $159.20, a savings of 20-percent.


You can pick up a Proscenic standard for Black Friday if robo-vacuums aren’t your thing

Proscenic also has three other vacuums up for sale on Black Friday. One of which is an ultra-light wireless handheld vacuum. The 3-in-1 Handheld Vacuum S1 comes complete with car-related accessories in a charging storage stand for just $69.30. That’s 22-percent off its usual price tag. And could also be used as a secondary cleaner, to augment wherever the robotic vacuum misses.

Conversely, for those who are more a fan of stick vacuums, those are also available from Proscenic for Black Friday. In fact, these are effectively two generations of the same gadget — the Proscenic P10 PRO and Proscenic P11. The latter gadget features the same accessories bundle as the Proscenic P10 Pro, with a similar level of suction. The biggest difference appears to be in the overall power. In addition to the fact that the latter model comes with an anti-tangle floor brush.

Both models feature HEPA filtration with a four-stage filter. And the newest model also features a touch screen for controlling the four modes that both vacuums bring to the table.


Proscenic Vacuum Deals For Black Friday