Podcasts On Amazon Music Now Offer Synced Transcripts

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Amazon Music is getting a new feature to boost users’ podcasts experience on the platform. Starting this week, the app will get synchronized transcripts for some podcasts. This will allow users to jump to specific parts of a podcast by tapping the corresponding text.

You can view these interactive transcripts on top of the album cover or in a full-screen view. The feature is available on Android and iOS, though it’s limited to the U.S. for now. However, a broader expansion is on the cards as per the Director of Podcasts at Amazon Music, Kintan Brahmbhatt. The overall goal is to position Amazon Music as “one of the most creator-friendly, most podcaster-friendly, services out there,” he said (via).

“You’re listening to an interview and say, ‘Oh yeah, they made a really good point. I could have bookmarked it, but I just want to go back to that section again,’ — or revisiting a show or revisiting some aspect of the show; it really helps customers to go back and forth and use that as a navigation tool more so than just read along.”


The transcripts are currently available on select shows, but more are on the way

Brahmbhatt went on to say that the team wanted to make the podcasts experience similar to scrubbing through videos, allowing users to get to the part of a podcast based on the text.

The transcripts currently appear for a handful of Wondery and Amazon Music shows. Additionally, partner programs like This American Life and Crime Junkie are supported as well. Other launch partners include the likes of Audiochuck, American Public Media, Cadence13, The New York Times, Stitcher, and TED.

Amazon Music Podcasts Transcript


Amazon says it won’t transcribe advertisements in between podcasts. Users will instead see a message reading “audio not transcribed” on the transcription window.

Amazon’s podcasts business is somewhat confusing given that podcasts exist on both Audible and Amazon Music. However, the company’s goals for the business are apparent. Amazon has seemingly signed a deal with SmartLess for a week’s exclusivity on their content.

Although transcriptions exist on platforms like Spotify, they are only available on some podcasts. Platforms like Apple Podcasts don’t offer a default transcription feature, though creators can include it with the show notes.


If you’re in the U.S. and use Amazon Music for your podcasts, be sure to check out this nifty new feature.