Some Pixel 6 Units Are Ghost Dialing Random Contacts

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The latest Google Pixel 6 series bug that popped up is quite serious. Users on Reddit have been reporting a ghost dialing bug. Some Pixel 6 units seem to be ghost dialing random contacts.

Needless to say, this is quite a problem, and it’s not exclusive to the Pixel 6 either, it seems to be an issue with Android 12. One user’s Pixel 3 dialed 911 three times. In that case, it seems to be an issue with the Emergency activation mode.

Some Pixel 6 unit seem to be ghost dialing random contacts

Now, in regards to the Pixel 6, there are quite a few reports on Reddit. One user’s Pixel 6 did it twice. Once it was at 7 AM, when he heard the call in progress tone. The phone called his friend that he never talked to over the phone.


The second time it happened was at the end of the day, when he was reading a book. The phone was face-down on the table, and the call in progress tone popped up again. This time around, the phone called his friend in Europe.

If you navigate to the Reddit link, you’ll see a ton of such reports. This issue is not isolated to one or two users, quite a few of them are having issues. This is one of those bugs that Google needs to fix as soon as possible.

Your phone calling 911 by accident, or random contacts from your phonebook is never a good idea, needless to say. It can be especially uncomfortable when it does that in the middle of the night.


This is just the latest on a list of bugs spotted since launch

This is just the latest of quite a few bugs that were spotted on the two phones. That is not surprising, considering it happens with pretty much every phone at launch, though the Pixel phones are always under the microscope.

Truth be said, bugs like this one, should be highlighted as much as possible, so that Google is forced to fix them immediately. This is a much more serious bug than the one animator duration scale alteration causes, for example.