Some Pixel 6 Devices Refuse To Charge With Third-Party Chargers

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Quite a few problems got reported when it comes to the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Google fixed some of them via the latest update, while a new one just surfaced. It seems like some Pixel 6 and 6 Pro handsets are refusing to charge with third-party chargers.

If your unit is affected by this problem, that’s quite a problem, as Google doesn’t ship its official charger with the devices. Both the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro come without a charger, and it’s up to you to get one.

Some Pixel 6 phones are refusing to charge with third-party chargers

So, what’s going on? Well, a bunch of users reported this charging issue on Reddit. They’re claiming they’re not able to recharge the Pixel 6 (Pro) with older or third-party chargers.


Some reports claim that they’re unable to recharge the devices using a car charger. Others say that they’re unable to do so with the original Pixel Stand and the sequel.

One user said that he had no issue charging his device for the first 10 days, and then it didn’t want to charge anymore. He decided to send his phone back to Google.

Reddit is not the only place where these reports appeared. On the Pixel community forum for you’ll see the same thing. A user that goes by the handle “Alexandru Drumitrache 245” said the following: “Just got the device and plugged it into my generic cable/charger that I was using until today to charge any other USB type C device I’ve used so far. Nothing happens. No charge, no warning, no nothing. It’s like it’s not connected”.


He added that he tried using many other chargers/cables that he had at home, and none of them worked. He even tried using the Pixel 6’s charging cable on his wife’s iPhone, and it worked. He added that car chargers didn’t work either.

That same user said that he has around 20 chargers at home, and it seems like he tried all of them, but nothing worked. He added that he has no intention of replacing all of them because of one phone.

Using a power delivery charger seems to worked, at least for some

Now, there is a way to get the phone to charge… use a power delivery charger. It seems like none of the users who reported issues used power delivery chargers, though we cannot know for sure. Either get one from Google or use a third-party one. Do note that we do not guarantee that it will work, but it worked for “Alexandru Drumitrache 245”.