Pixel 6 Pro Consuming More Power In 60Hz Mode Than In 120Hz One

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The Google Pixel 6 Pro seems to be consuming more power in 60Hz mode, than it does in 120Hz mode. Needless to say, this is not normal, as higher refresh rates require more power to run.

Tech expert claims the Pixel 6 Pro consumes more power in 60Hz mode than in 120Hz one

This information comes from Andrei Frumusanu, one of the tech experts at AnandTech. He shared his findings, and they’re really interesting. His findings show that the Pixel 6 Pro’s 60Hz setting is using more power in brighter environments than the 120Hz mode.

His findings show that the 60Hz mode consumes more power than the 120Hz mode at minimum brightness. The 120Hz mode also seems more power-hungry in dark environments than when high ambiance is present.


That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, to say the least. On top of that, Mr. Frumusanu also pointed out that the overall energy consumption when the Pixel 6 Pro display is set to minimum brightness is quite high. On the flip side, he says that the same cannot be said for the Pixel 6. Its power consumption on minimum brightness is normal.

What is concerning is the fact that this apparently cannot be fixed via a software update. That is what Mr. Frumusanu said in the comments. We’re hoping this is not true, of course.

Let’s hope Google can fix at least some of these issues via software updates

These findings are quite interesting, to say the least. We’re hoping that Google will fix what can be fixed via a software update, as this behavior is far from normal. Still, people have been getting impressive battery life with the Pixel 6 Pro, at least some of them, so this may not be a cause for major concern.


One thing is for sure, it’s not normal for a 60Hz mode to drain more battery than 120Hz mode, in any environment, under any brightness setting. That’s just the way it is. We’re really not sure what’s going on here, but this must be fixed somehow.

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