Speakers & A Soundbar From OontZ Are Up To 48% Off For Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday 2021 Deals OontZ speakers soundbar presser

Cyber Monday is here and Cambridge Soundworks’ OontZ speakers are on sale for up to 48-percent off. And that includes a great deal, up to 30-percent off, its OontZ Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker. Bringing the price down from $79.99 to just $55.99.

Now, the biggest benefit to the discount isn’t just in the ability to buy one of these soundbar speakers all on its own. That’s already a great deal for a speaker that’s compact but offers big, widely-lauded sound. Especially since Bluetooth, auxiliary cable, USB, and even optical cable are supported. And with consideration for this speaker’s soundbar-specific features, such as multi-modal listening and app support for EQ adjustments.

But the biggest benefit may be that this Cyber Monday price will make it easier than ever to buy two of these OontZ speakers at once. And you can wirelessly sync two such speakers together, including one linked up via wire to the TV. Making it easier than ever to get as close to true surround sound as a two-speaker system can get. And on a budget.


What else can you get from Cambridge Soundworks’ OontZ for Cyber Monday?

In terms of Cambridge Soundworks OontZ speakers on sale for Cyber Monday, the deals don’t end there either.

The company has two other speakers for sale and the first is the OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Portable Speaker. That’s on sale starting with the black colorway for up to 48-percent off and a starting price of just $18.18. Other colors can be purchased at discounted prices ranging from $29.99 to $32.99. With a typical price of $34.99. But the deals include almost every colorway for this IPX5-rated rugged speaker too.

That is, with the exception of the Coca-Cola-branded colorway, which isn’t on sale.


For those that want slightly bigger sound at 21W and a more waterproof IPX7 design, conversely, the OontZ Angle 3 Pro is on sale as well. Although that’s only in a single colorway, black, the deal knocks no less than 30-percent off the price.  Resulting in a cost of just $48.99 for this typically $69.99 speaker.

Of course, the OontZ Angle 3 Pro can also be paired in tandem with a second speaker for stereo sound, which is another advantage over the less pricey variant. But each of these speakers is a top-performer in its class. Making this a great offer for those in need of audio this Cyber Monday.

OontZ Speakers & Soundbar Cyber Monday Deals