onn. Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Are A Steal At $29

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If you’re just getting into truly wireless earphones, and you’d like to try one out for good measure… we have just the thing for you. This Cyber Monday deal makes it possible to get onn. Bluetooth earphones for only $29.

These are truly wireless earphones, which come with a charging case, of course. They usually cost $49, so this is quite a nice discount, to say the least. It really doesn’t get much cheaper than this for a pair of truly wireless earphones. Well, you can get them for cheaper, but don’t expect them to work properly.

In any case, these earphones come in white color, and they do have a stem, like some AirPods, and various other earphones out there. They also come with silicone tips in four sizes, so finding what suits you should be easy.


You’ll get a charging cable with these earphones too, a Type-C one. These earphones are IPX5 water and dust resistant, though only the earphones themselves, so keep that in mind.

The best of all? Well, these earphones do offer ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), despite the fact they cost $29. They will also provide you with up to 6 hours of play time, 24 hours if you count in the charging case, as it offers three full charges.

These earphones also offer the Ambient Sound pass-through mode, and have three microphones built into each earphone. These are all features that really expensive earphones offer, so… there you go.


All in all, the onn. truly wireless Bluetooth earphones have plenty to offer for this price. In fact, even at $49 they’re arguably a great deal, let alone $29. These are ideal for the first pair of truly wireless earphones, as they even give you a chance to try out some more advanced features.

If you’d like to buy onn. Bluetooth earphones, you can do so from Walmart. Follow the link below if you’re interested.

onn. Bluetooth earphones - Walmart