Buy Either Oculus Quest 2 And Get A $50 Amazon Gift Card

Oculus Quest 2

Amazon is having a pretty screaming deal on the Oculus Quest 2 right now, where you get a $50 gift card when you buy either model of the headset. That means if you buy the Oculus Quest 2 in the 128GB storage model at $299, or the 256GB model at $399, Amazon will give you a $50 gift card to spend on whatever you like.

There are some things to keep in mind here though. This isn’t a gift card you can choose the retailer for. This will be in the form of a $50 Amazon digital credit, applied to your Amazon account. So, you can use it for anything as long as it’s on Amazon.

With that said, if you’re buying the Oculus Quest 2, then when you get the $50 digital credit you can simply turn around and buy something else for the Quest 2. Maybe you want the Oculus Link cable. Or perhaps you’d like that cool storage case to keep the headset nice and tidy when not in use.


The Oculus Quest 2 headset is packed with features. And is quite possibly the most accessible quality VR headset to date. It’s not overly expensive and there’s a lot of really great content out there for it so far. And not just games either, as you could use it for watching movies in VR too. Plus, setup is really easy.

With the headset, what you get in the packaging is two controllers and the batteries to power them, a charging cable, a power adaptor, and a glasses spacer. Now this deal won’t last forever as Amazon is making it a limited time thing. You have to buy the Oculus Quest by November 29 if you want the $50 gift card.

And if you think you could that extra cash, better to pick this up sooner rather than later. As you could just roll that money right into another gift.


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