Charge Two DualSense Controllers With This Nyko Dock For $12

Nyko Charging Dock Deal

Amazon is having a sale on all kinds of gaming gear, like this Nyko charging dock for DualSense controllers. While this isn’t the official Sony one, or the new one from Razer, there’s two things to consider with both of those. One, the Sony model costs $30. And the Razer model is $40, only charges one controller, and it’s not even in stock right now.

This Nyko DualSense charging dock however, officially called the Nyko Charge Arc, is on sale for $12.22. Down from its original price of $24.99, so you save about half the price. This is a limited time Black Friday deal so it won’t last forever. And whether you have a PS5 or not, you can still use the DualSense with PC and mobile devices. As well as PS4.

The Nyko Charge Arc has a pretty sweet design since both controllers sit in the dock back-to-back. It’s slightly different from the Sony model which charges the controllers back-to-front. It also appears to take up less space than the Sony model.


The design also makes it super easy to pick up the controllers from the dock one-handed. That’s not a dealbreaker by any means, but it is a nice feature to have. Another nice feature is the LED lights. These are used to tell you when the controllers are done charging. Yes, the Light bar around the touch pad of the controller blinks while charging, and then stops when it’s done. But the LED lights on the Nyko Charge Arc are much more visible.

Nyko is a longstanding video game accessories brand that has been around for decades. They make pretty good products and most of their accessories are not only affordable, but well-made. You may not be able to get a PS5, but you can still keep the controllers for it charged up.

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