NordicTrack Studio Cycle Cyber Monday Deals Can Help Get You In Shape

NordicTrack commercial studio cycle black friday 2021 sale deals amazon

If you’re looking to take advantage of Cyber Monday sales on products to help you get back into shape, NordicTrack has just the indoor cycle for you. In fact, it has two NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycles on sale, specifically the S22i model. With both the newer and older model priced exactly the same at $1,499.00 — 32% off.

Now, NordicTrack pricing two cycles at the same cost despite that one is a newer model may sound strange. But the biggest difference between the two models, both sold under the same designation, is that the newer model features a quieter incline motor and supports Bluetooth audio gadgets as well as a faster WiFi connection. Additionally, it ships with 3lb dumbells for cross-training purposes.

What’s great about the NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle for Cyber Monday?

Typically, the price for either of the models is set at $2,199. And that’s not without good reason. Both models effectively have the same features, starting with Automatic Trainer Control, allowing automatic adjustments for inclines from -10-percent up to 20-percent. Each also packs a 22-inch Interactive HD Touchscreen. That tilts. So the screen can be placed in a position where it will be most useful during workout sessions. But that’s not its only purpose.


That’s made for streaming live and on-demand workouts directly to the equipment itself. Enhancing the automatic adjustments to the cycle’s inclines and resistance. Specifically, with iFIT Trainers automating both resistance and incline to match the levels appropriate for the workout.

Of course, a subscription to iFIT is typically needed to gain access to those sessions. As with many top workout apps. But this NordicTrack cycle includes those with this Cyber Monday deal. Making those free for the whole family for 30-days. The ride-quieting SMR Silent Magnetic Resistance technology and 10-year frame warranty are standard though. As are the two-year parts and one-year labor warranties.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycle Cyber Monday Deals