New Chrome Feature Will Let You Paste Links To Pictures And Videos

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We’re all used to copying and pasting links to specific web pages when we want to share content. Google Chrome developers, however, are looking to take that to the next step. A new Chrome feature will let you paste links to specific pictures and videos. 

This new Chrome feature will make sharing content easier

Pasting links to pages is nothing new, and we do this more than we think. When you hit “share” on a piece of content and shoot it over to another app, you’re actually sharing a link to a page. This also goes for sharing pictures from Instagram or videos from YouTube.

However, this new feature coming to Chrome will do something different. While sharing that content from Instagram and YouTube, you’re, technically, sending a link to a page. “CSS selector fragment anchors,” which is the working title of the feature, will send links to the specific form of media on the page. 


When you click on the link, you will be taken right to that piece of media on the page. This will be great if you’re trying to share a picture or video from a page, but the page itself is massive. 

There is something similar to this but with text

If this may sound familiar, Google has already done this with text. You’ve probably noticed that when you look up something, you might get a result up top with a selection of text from a page. When you click on that link, you’ll be brought to that specific text on the page.

If you’re excited about this, you’ll have to wait

This feature does definitely sound like something worth using, but don’t start looking for it just yet. It’s not clear just what stage this feature is in, but we know that it’s still in early development. It doesn’t have an official name just yet, and there’s not much word on the progress.


Later on, people who test out new Chrome features might be able to try it out first. There is always a selection of flags available for beta testers to test drive while they’re in development. 

There’s a flag that enables screenshots on Chrome

A new feature developing for Chrome is the ability to take screenshots natively. It’s a bit of a process enabling it, but if you do, you’ll be able to take screenshots right from the webpage.

You’ll simply have to press the share button in the search bar, and click “screenshot.” From that point, you’ll be able to select the area you want to capture and download it to your computer.