NACON Launches RIG MG-X Mobile Controller For Xbox Game Pass

NACON RIG MG X For Xbox Game Pass

Mobile controllers have really found their footing these days thanks to services like Xbox Game Pass, and as of today that includes the new RIG MG-X from NACON.

This new mobile controller was designed for Xbox, but don’t let the labeling fool you. This isn’t a controller for your console. Rather it’s meant for use with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate via its cloud gaming option. There’s a dedicated Xbox home button on the right side and event the ABXY action buttons mirror those found on a proper Xbox Wireless controller.

In addition you also have the two offset joysticks, a D-Pad, and left and right triggers and bumpers. Similar in design to controllers like the Razer Kishi, the RIG MG-X extends outward to allow for varying sizes of smartphones. But unlike the Kishi it connects through Bluetooth.


The RIG MG-X was designed for Xbox Game Pass, but it’ll work for Stadia too

However you choose to consume your cloud gaming, you want a good mobile controller to handle the activity. The Kishi is a great option, but its one drawback is the centered USB-C plug. If you’re using a phone like the ROG Phone 5, where the port is off center, the Kishi is incompatible.

Thankfully the RIG MG-X connects through Bluetooth. So you can use a phone with an off-center port. The controller also features a textured grip on the back to prevent slippage, and it fits phones up to 6.7-inches in size. So just about any smartphone should be usable.

It’s got up to 20 hours of battery life NACON says. Which means it’ll outlast the battery on your smartphone if you don’t have it plugged in while streaming games. It also shrinks down to a fairly pocketable size when not in use for easy storage.


Price-wise, it’s on par with similar options. NACON says the suggested price for the MG-X is $80, and it’s available exclusively through NACON, Walmart, and Target. NACON doesn’t mention in-store stock, so online may be your only way to purchase one of these. Though you may still want to check local stores if want it on the same day.

Also worth noting is that Walmart has the controller for the announced $80. But Target seems to be selling it for $100 which is the same price NACON has it listed on its own website.

NACON RIG MG-X Controller