Microsoft Surface Duo 2 Receives New Update, No Sign Of Android 12

microsoft surface duo 2

Microsoft ventured into the foldable smartphone category with its Microsoft Surface Duo device back in 2020. Fast forward to September 2021, the company launched the second-gen Surface Duo 2 device.

The Surface Duo 2 tried to fix almost all things that were messed up in the first generation Surface Duo. However, it now suffers from new challenges which the company needs to fix soon.

Well, that is something totally on Microsoft how it deals with those problems, one good news is apparently knocking the doors of the Surface Duo. Notably, Microsoft is rolling out the November update for the device.


Yes! You read it right. According to the latest report by Windows Central, Microsoft is seeding the November 2021 security update for the Surface Duo 2.

Sadly, it is a security update and is still based on Android 11. This means, if you own a Microsoft Surface Duo 2, then the Android 12 update is still not available.

As per the official release notes, Microsoft has stated the usual security and privacy vulnerabilities the November 2021 security update fixes. There is no new feature bundled with the update.


Surface Duo 2 November security update arrives with software version 2021.830.19

For more information on the update, you can visit the official Microsoft Surface Duo 2 update page. The November 2021 security update arrives with software version 2021.830.19 for the Surface Duo 2.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise update since such light updates are what Microsoft Surface Duo 2 users have been receiving for many months. It seems that you have to live with such incremental updates for a long period of time if you own a Duo 2 device.

Not only does this hint at Microsoft’s mindset of lack of seriousness towards its Surface Duo 2 (including Surface Duo 1), it also takes away the confidence of users in the brand.


If you haven’t received the update notification on your Microsoft Surface Duo 2, then you can manually check for it by heading over to Settings > System update > Check for updates.

Your system will now look for a new update. If it is available for your region, then you can tap on the notification. This will begin the download of the update. After the update is installed, restart your device.

All we can do, especially owners of the Surface Duo 2, is to wait for December. Because probably a more substantial update will arrive in December. Do note that this is us guessing here, so take this with a pinch of salt.