Microsoft Duo 2 Survives Scratch, Burn & Bend Durability Tests

Microsoft Duo 2 durability test

The Microsoft Duo 2 managed to survive a series of durability tests. Zack, from JerryRigEverything, managed to get his hands on the phone. As per usual, he performed a series of durability tests in order to see how well will the device do.

He made a video going through the process, and that video is embedded below. The Microsoft Duo 2 did a fairly good job, though not stellar. So, let’s get started.

The Microsoft Duo 2 durability test started with a scratch test

Let’s start where he started, with a scratch test. The Microsoft Duo 2 comes with a plastic frame, and a hinge made out of metal. Its displays are protected by the Gorilla Glass Victus.


As expected, they started scratching at a level 6, while a level 7 pick left deeper marks on those displays. The back of the phone is also protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass, while you’ll need to be careful with the fingerprint scanner.

The fingerprint scanner is made out of plastic, and if it gets scratched up, it may perform worse than it usually would. The phone’s front and back cameras are protected by glass.

Both displays lasted a long time when exposed to direct flame. That is not exactly something you should worry about, as that test is kind of pointless, but there you go.


The Microsoft Duo 2 does rotate all the way, so Zack couldn’t test how durable it will be if bent in the wrong direction, like he was able to do with the Galaxy Z Fold 3, for example.

The phone bent quite a bit

What he did do is fold the phone, and then test its bend resistance. The phone bent quite a bit, it didn’t snap, but the fact it bent so much is concerning. Zack seems to believe that the Gorilla Glass Victus is holding the phone in one piece.

The phone likely bends so much because of its plastic frame. You do need to apply quite a bit of pressure to get it to bend that much, so, during regular use, that shouldn’t be an issue.