Major Pixel 6 Fingerprint Scanner Issue Comes To Light

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As if we didn’t see enough bugs when it comes to the Pixel 6 series, a new one just appeared. It seems like the Pixel 6 series fingerprint scanner can be permanently disabled in certain conditions, which is a major issue, needless to say.

A major Pixel 6 fingerprint scanner issue has been spotted

First and foremost, this goes for both smartphones. So, how can it happen? Well, for users on Reddit, who reported this, it happened when their Pixel 6 phones completely ran out of battery.

Some of you may think, okay, he should just restart his phone, and that’s it. Well, that apparently doesn’t help. What’s worse, the fingerprint profile disappeared entirely from the settings, and the users are stuck with entering the PIN every time to unlock the phone.


So, they can set it up again, right? Well, no. One of them said that he can go through the process of setting it up, but once it finishes, he gets the following message: “Enrollment was not completed Fingerprint enrollment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger”.

Now, several users reported that this happened when they ran out of juice. That may not be the only cause of this, though. Other users said that this happened to them as well, but they didn’t run out of battery beforehand.

There is one thing that can fix this problem, a factory reset

There is one thing that helps out with this problem, and that’s a factory reset. This is far from an ideal solution, as you’ll have to set up your phone and apps all over again. It’s not something users should be forced to do to use their fingerprint scanners again, that’s for sure.


Let’s hope this will happen on a really small number of units, and that Google will figure out how to fix it… soon. I know I wouldn’t be willing to factory reset my phone if this happened, as I’d be furious.

This is not the first fingerprint scanner-related issue that got reported when it comes to the Pixel 6 series. The fingerprint icons tend to disappear in certain conditions when you mess with the phone’s animations. On top of that, these fingerprint scanners are not particularly fast, which seems to be annoying people.