Live Translate From Pixel 6 Can Now Work On Older Pixels

Google Pixel 4a 5G AM AH 4 1

It seems like there’s a way to get Live Translate from the Pixel 6 series to work on older Pixels. This feature did not arrive on its own, or anything like that, but you can get it to work.

LIve Translate from Google’s new flagships is one of their best features. It works really well, and it’s extremely fast. There are still some quirks to sort out, though, as it has issues with punctuation predictions and whatnot, but those are just some kinks.

Live Translate from the Pixel 6 series can work on older Pixels

So, how can you get this to work? Well, you’ll need to install the Pixel 6 version of the Android System Intelligence on your Pixel. This was tested on the Pixel 4a, by the way, and it works really well.


If you’d like to install the Android System Intelligence on your Pixel 4a, or some other, more recent Pixel smartphone, you’ll need to sideload it. You can get it from this link, if you’re interested.

One thing you need to keep in mind, though, is that you’ll need to have Android 12 installed before you do this. Many of you probably already installed it, as it started rolling out for Pixels a while back.

You’ll need to have Android 12 installed

So, if you don’t have Android 12 on your Pixel handset, it’s basically not eligible to get this to work. If you do, and are willing to proceed, well, feel free to try it out.


Once you install Android System Intelligence, you’ll need to activate Live Translate. You’ll need to navigate to the settings menu, and then tap on “System”. In there, you’ll see the “Live Translate” option, and will be able to enable it. You’ll also be able to select which languages you want to be available for live translation.

Do note that the feature doesn’t really work perfectly. Some languages supported by Live Translate may not work without the camera, while others may support instantly-translated messages and live captions only.

What’s interesting is that Google claimed this feature is dependent on the Tensor chip inside the Pixel 6 series. And yet, it now works on older Pixels, while the Tensor chip is nowhere to be found.