The K-Mini From Keurig Is $30 Off Right Now

Keurig K Mini Sale

Amazon has released many of its Black Friday sale prices early, which includes this K-Mini single cup coffee maker from Keurig. While this model doesn’t come with a small display and a few of the extra features, it does come in at a smaller price and it takes up a lot less space.

If you don’t need the display, this is the perfect single cup coffee maker for people with smaller kitchens. Whether you simply have a home with a small kitchen or in a small apartment or dorm room. Its tiny stature helps get you our caffeine fix without taking up a lot of space, and right now you can pick it up for $50. The regular price for this coffee maker is $80 so you’re saving $30 off the retail price.

It also comes in multiple colorways. Including Studio Gray, Black, Dusty Rose, Oasis, and Poppy Red. All of those colors are part of the sale price of the Keurig K-Mini too.


Since this is a single cup coffee maker, the size is only part of the differences between this and other models. It also has a single cup reservoir. So you need to fill it up every time you want to make a cup. It will however make 6oz through 12oz cups of coffee. So you can have a little more if you need a slightly larger pick-me-up.

Additional features include a removable drip tray so you can fit a travel mug under the brewer. As long as the travel mug is no more than 7-inches tall. Best of all though, it has an auto-shutoff feature. If you’re all about saving energy, the Keurig K-Mini will turn itself off automatically 90 seconds after your last brewed cup.

This helps you save energy so you’re not wasting it on a machine that sits in the powered on state for hours on end.


Keurig K-Mini Single Cup Coffee Maker - Amazon