Get An Instant Coffee Maker That Makes More, 30% Off For Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Deals 2021 Instant 2 in 1 coffee maker presser

K-Cup Coffee Makers are great but the same company behind the Instant Pot goes further this Cyber Monday. Specifically, that’s with the Instant 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker. As indicated by the branding, that’s because this coffee maker isn’t just compatible with K-Cup Pods and K-Cup reusable cups. It’s a 2-in-1 that can additionally brew up Nespresso Capsules. Effectively broadening the flavors and cup sizes that are supported.

What else does this coffee maker bring to the table for Cyber Monday?

At a price of $139.99, the Instant 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker isn’t cheap. But that’s down from its usual price tag, set at $199.99. At just 14-inches high with a footprint of 13-inches by 7-inches, this coffee maker does a lot more than others. For starters, the above-mentioned support for multiple pods and cups means a wider range of coffee cup sizes can be filled. On K-Cup brewing, that’s 8oz, 10oz, and 12oz cups. For Nespresso capsules, that’s 2oz, 4oz, and 6oz cups.

Stacking atop that versatility, this Instant coffee maker requires less refilling than some others too. Its 68oz water reservoir sees to that. Meaning that buyers should be able to make more than 5 cups at the largest fill size without having to refill the removable reservoir.


Additionally, like the compact coffee makers that it competes with, the Instant coffee maker in this Cyber Monday deal supports up to 7-inch tall travel mugs. That’s without taking out the removable drip tray. All without losing the sleek, modern, and intuitive design that Instant is known for. Or compromising on the brew quality, with the company assuring a brewing temperature of 195-degrees.

Finally, this coffee maker goes a step further still. While most compact Keurig and Nespresso coffee makers only offer one brew strength, this one doesn’t. It also includes a “Bold” button for those who like their coffee a bit on the stronger side. Making this one of the most high-value offerings around.

Instant 2-in-1 Multi-Function Coffee Maker Cyber Monday Deal