Get Healthy Smarter With These Cyber Monday Withings Deals

Withings Healthy Black Friday Deals 2021

If products that help you stay healthy are on your list for Cyber Monday, French tech company Withings has some significant deals up for grabs. The sales, affording customers up to 39-percent off some products, are following on from Amazon’s early Black Friday deals. And more specifically apply to two Withings’ smart scales, sleep tracking, blood pressure monitor, and no contact thermometer. That’s in addition to a sleek carry case for the company’s blood pressure monitor.

Among the biggest deals available for Cyber Monday are on Withings’ Body+ – Digital Wi-Fi Smart Scale and the Withings Sleep. The latter is a sleep tracking pad that’s placed under the mattress. That not only measures your sleep cycles but also any breathing disturbances in the night. As well as acting as a sensor that can automatically control lights, thermostats, and more. Integrating cleanly into any smart home environment.

Withings Sleep is presently priced at $60.50, bringing the price down from nearly $100.


Conversely, Withings Body+ is an app-enhanced weight measurement tool that brings some further smart tracking features to the table. For instance, the app can provide a “Full Body Composition,” including body fat, BMI, water percentage, and muscle and bone mass readings. In addition to a Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Mode. That’s priced at $60.58 as well, down from nearly $100.

The slightly less advanced, app-connected Withings Body Smart Weight & BMI Wi-Fi Digital Scale, on the other hand, is now priced at $44.95. That’s a 25-percent discount from its $59.99 starting price.

There are a couple of more medical-leaning Withings gadgets for Cyber Monday too

For those who need something leaning toward the medical side of things, Withings also has a few Cyber Monday deals for staying healthy there too. Namely, its FSA/HSA-Eligible Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is on sale for $69.42, down 31-percent from its usual price tag. As the branding suggests, this smart device is app-connected. Helping you keep track of your blood pressure for up to 6-months on a single charge. And it’s medically accurate too.


Additionally, marked down 25-percent to $22.45, Withings has a carry case available for its blood pressure monitor. The case only comes in color but features a hard protective shell with a soft interior with an extra pocket for charging cables. And it zips up for clutter-free portability.

Finally, the Withings Thermo is fairly self-explanatory. The no-contact connected smart thermometer ships for just $63.99 — 36-percent off its $99.99 retail cost.

Withings Smart Scales, Thermometer, and Blood Pressure Monitor Cyber Monday Deals