Get In Shape With GYMAX Treadmills, As They're Up To 48% Off Now

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If you’re looking to stay in shape, or get in shape during winter, GYMAX treadmills can certainly help with that. The company’s treadmills are now discounted for Black Friday, in case you’re interested.

They’re discounted up to 48%, and are readily available from Amazon. There are quite a few different models available for you to choose from. The cheapest model costs $249.99 now, while the most expensive is priced at $741.99.

There are actually two pages worth of GYMAX treadmills for you to scroll through. Do note that different color variants are listed separately, so there are a number of identical models that come in different colors.


The most affordable model is discounted by 30%, it usually costs $349.99. This is your basic-looking treadmill, and yet it seems like it would suit the needs of most people.

This thing is ideal for running and walking, whichever you prefer, and it’s quite compact as well. It’s considerably more compact than some of the alternatives that GYMAX has listed on Amazon.

It comes with a 450W motor, which can provide 0.5-5mph speed, depending on your preferences. The treadmill surface is made of non-slip rubber, and it can hold up to 220 pounds. There is also an LCD display available here.


The most expensive variant is actually a beast of a treadmill. It is a lot larger and massive than the aforementioned model. This is an incline treadmill, as you can tweak the incline to your preference. So you can simulate hill running, for example.

You can also control this treadmill via the GYMAX app. There are 12 presets available and 3 custom programs. A heart rate monitor is included in the package, and a Bluetooth speaker comes built-in. There are a lot of options here.

This model has been discounted by 30%, as it’s usually priced at $1,059.99. There are a lot more models at your disposal, so click the link below if you’d like to see them all.


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