Google Pushed Verizon Android 12 Update To Non-Verizon Pixels

Google Pixel 5 AM AH 9

Google did something rather odd, by mistake. Pixel users all over the globe were prompted to download Android 12 again. That’s odd considering that they already received that update a couple of weeks ago. Well, it seems like Google pushed the Verizon Android 12 update to non-Verizon Pixels, which is why you were prompted to download it.

Google mistakenly pushed Verizon Android 12 update to non-Verizon Pixels

It seems like quite a few people did it, unfortunately. The good news is, this shouldn’t impact your phone’s performance, or anything of the sort. That’s, at least, what Google said to 9to5Google.

Google also noted that the issue has been resolved, and that the prompt won’t be popping up anymore. If you installed it, it’s not a problem. Your build number is now different, but Google will likely revert that down the road.


Just to make it clear, this prompt appeared for Pixel 3a to 5a users. The update file was quite large, as this was the entire Android 12 update all over again, basically, even though it was the wrong one.

If you ignored this update, you did the right thing

If, by any chance, you decided to disregard this prompt when it popped up, you did the right thing. Installing it won’t benefit your device in any way, except you’ll have the wrong build number as a result.

Android 12 did arrive with some bugs, but nothing earth-shattering. The Pixel 6 series, which comes with Android 12 pre-installed, is a different story, though, especially the Pixel 6 Pro.


Quite a few issues were spotted since the two phones launched. The Pixel 6 Pro seems to be having some minor issues with the display, while fingerprint scanner issues are present on both phones. There are some bugs in there that Google needs to take care of. It also needs to improve the performance of those fingerprint scanners quite considerably.

We’re only scratching the surface here, but we’re used to such bugs when it comes to Pixel phones. The good news is that Google usually fixes most of them rather quickly, so… some bug-fixing updates are coming.