Stadia Is Having A Sale To Celebrate Its Second Birthday


Stadia is having a sale today to celebrate turning two years old, as its second birthday is officially tomorrow, November 19. Though before you get too excited, know that this is only a sale for the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle. Still, that’s not a bad deal to consider.

Especially if you’ve been wanting to check out the service. The nice thing is that the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle comes with a free trial of Stadia Pro. So you can pick up the bundle on sale and then get the Pro membership for free.

Google notes that the sale on this bundle is only for the Google Store. And it’s only available in limited quantities. Which means the sale will only last as long as Google has stock in the Google Store. Additionally, the sale will be available for a handful off different regions. Including the US, UK, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, and Switzerland.


For its second birthday, Google will have Stadia Premiere Edition bundles on sale for less than the price of a game

There are lots of games out there. And some that retail for $60 or more on Stadia. So you might be thinking that less than the price of a game could end up being not that much of a discount. And you’d be right if Google was only dropping the price down to like $50.

But it’s going way lower than that. While the supplies last, the Stadia Premiere Edition bundle will be on sale for just $22.22. Normally this bundle costs $80. So this is a HUGE discount. And something you should probably just buy as soon as you have the chance tomorrow.

Also keep in mind that the bundle comes with one White Google Stadia controller, and a Chromecast Ultra so you can hook up and play on your TV or monitor of choice. So you’re completely equipped to start playing games right away.


You’ll need games of course. But you get Stadia Pro for free so you’ll have games to claim immediately too. At these prices, the bundles may not last long. So we wouldn’t wait.