Google's New Spooky Pixel 6 Ad Focuses On 'Night Sight'

Google Pixel 6 spooky ad image

Google has launched a new promo video for the Pixel 6 series. This Pixel 6 ad focuses on the ‘Night Sight’ feature, and is kind of spooky. Google called it “Nightmare on Night Sight: #TeamPixel Goes Ghost Hunting With Pixel 6”.

Google’s spooky new Pixel 6 ad shows off Night Sight

This ad is obviously Halloween-themed, considering its spooky theme and title. So, what’s it about? It’s about #TeamPixel photographers, Alex and Nick, who venture into Bodie, California, at night.

This town was all the rage in the 1800s. Why? Well, it was a “gold rush” town, basically. Gold was discovered there, and many people rushed to it, to try and claim their piece, and become rich in the process.


Now, Bodie is abandoned. Nobody lives there, and it’s quite spooky at night, to say the least. It does make for a really nice place to test out cameras, though, especially at night.

Alex and Nick didn’t venture into this ghost town alone, though. They had a tour guide called “Hillary”, who claims to have had an interaction with a ghost.

The two photographers managed to capture some really nice images in this ghost town

The two photographers captured some really nice images while they were there, and also experienced something very strange. In a building where an alleged ghost was spotted, some purple camera flare appeared on the image.


Alex was particularly scared, as he’s really afraid of ghosts. He said that he doesn’t think that’s a lens flare, which makes the whole experience that much more creepy.

In any case, this ad has a duration of around two and a half minutes, and it does share quite a few nice images for you to check out. Not only will you see this ghost town photographed inside and out, but the two photographers also took some selfies. On top of that, you’ll be able to check out the night sky as well.

Google will likely keep pushing out Pixel 6 ads, though don’t expect them to be released that frequently, at least not on YouTube.