Google Search Will Troll Its Users If They Can't Find The Result They're Looking For

google search fishing troll

According to the latest report by Android Police, Google is testing out a cute troll for its searches. Notably, it will troll its users if they cannot find the result they are looking for.

Google is known to bring some quirkiness to its search platform very often. It always brings fun doodles or mini-games on its search engine on special occasions. This time around, it is going to add ice fishing easter egg/minigame for searches with no results.

Though it may sound useless, it is a fun little easter egg for something Google can’t find. This is a good time to add such mini-games as Christmas is right around the corner.


It seems like Google has already gone into the celebration mode with this new easter egg. Whenever Google can’t find the results you are looking for, it will show you an ice-blue fishing troll.

Clicking on this troll will pull out several objects up out of the water. You can react to it and toss each item into the bucket next to the ice-blue fishing man or whatever it is.

The ice-blue fishing troll on Google Search isn’t widely available yet

You can continue to fiddle with the fishing hook, and each time, it will pull some new items from beneath. Notably, this is a nice way to waste time, if you have too much to spare.


However, Android Police also notes that this Google Search ice-blue fishing troll isn’t widely available for everyone. We hope the company will bring this cute no results troll for everyone pretty soon.

This is not something permanent, and we think Google will keep this ice-blue fishing troll till winter or the last day of December. There is no clarity on it, and this is us simply guessing.

With useless but fun little elements, Google Search allows you to do a Star-Fox style barrel roll or even do the Cha-Cha slide. It even lets you play the famous Dinosaur game whenever you are disconnected from the internet.


While these things don’t matter that much, the addition of such fun elements shows how much attention Google pays to keep its users attracted to its search engine.

As for the ice-blue fishing troll, if the new easter egg hasn’t appeared for you, you should probably wait for Google to trigger it for your region. It is safe to say you will be seeing that blue guy sooner or later.