Google Adds A New Privacy Guide Feature For Chrome On Android

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While the Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers in the market today, it is not regarded as one of the safest browsers out there.

The Google Chrome browser takes up to 70% of the browser market share. However, in an age where the most important asset of any user is his/her data, they may not be comfortable using the Chrome browser.

Google Chrome, as it is out there in everyone’s knowledge, shares a notorious amount of data with Google. The intentions may just seem to target ads to its users based on their searches, history, etc. it is still not the choice of many to share such personalized data.


Well, taking this into consideration, Google is adding a new privacy feature on Chrome for Android. Yes! According to the latest report by Techdows, Google is adding a new Privacy Guide feature.

Notably, this will allow you to review the app settings. If something is not as you want it to be, you can disable it right from the menu.

Privacy Guide feature is available as a flag on Chrome for Android

The new Privacy Guide feature is now live on Google Chrome Android app as a flag. This means users can test out this new feature on their phones right away.


In order to access it, you need to head over to the app’s Settings menu, then go to the Privacy and security subsection. Here you will be able to review different app settings and disable the ones you don’t want.

It is apparently available on the latest Chrome 96 beta. Once you have installed the required version of Chrome on your Android phone, you can search for chrome://flags. Type in #privacy-review flag in the search bar.

Enable the flag and restart your Chrome browser to load up the new flag. Although folks at Techdows were able to run this feature on their Android phones, the mileage will vary and it may out may not work on your device.


For some, the Privacy Guide feature showing on the Settings menu shows a blank screen when opened. Whereas for some users, the flag isn’t showing up at all.

So, there is no clarity on which version of Google Chrome you would see this new feature working. You are on your own here. One thing is for sure, the feature is under testing, and if everything goes well, would soon make it to the stable version of the app.

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