Google Play Store To Show Limited Time Deals In New 'Offers' Tab

Google Play Store Icon Logo AH 2020

Google has been delivering the Material You makeover to all of its stock apps. The Google Play Store, probably the most important app on an Android phone, received its Material You design change back in October.

The makeover was pretty simple and straightforward, with rounded corners and a few home screen touchups. However, according to the latest report by 9to5Google, Google is adding a new tab to showcase the limited-time deals on the Play Store.

Apparently, this will add more clutter to the bottom bar. Because all the limited-time deals on apps and games will now feature on the new ‘Offers’ tab added to the Google Play Store.


Google Play Store receives new updates and design changes quite frequently, and this newly added ‘Offers’ tab is in line with the usual procedure.

Many Android phone users see four tabs at the bottom bar of the Play Store. However, if you have a Play Pass subscription, then this bottom bar houses five tabs.

Now, all users, by default, will see five tabs at the bottom bar. The new addition will be the ‘Offers’ tab. It will appear in between the ‘Apps’ and ‘Movies & TV’ tabs.


The Google Play Store ‘Offers’ tab isn’t widely available for everyone at the moment

The icon of this ‘Offers’ tab is a simple price tag. For Play Pass subscribed users, the bottom bar could show six tabs. Notably, the new ‘Offers’ tab shows you the offers you might like.

It will show you all the apps and games currently under limited-time deals offered by their developers. Carousels with large cover images will advertise the deal in question.

The advertisement will also show you the expiration date of the offer so that you could avail of it before time runs out. All the standard information regarding the deal will be mentioned below the carousel cover.


Although it sounds similar to the ‘Offers & notifications’ page in the Play Store menu, it has a totally different function within the app. It basically showcases or highlights the limited-time deals on apps and games.

There is no clarity on what benefits the end-users will get out of this, but one thing is for sure, it will definitely help the app/game developers.

As noted by the source, the Google Play Store ‘Offers’ tab isn’t available widely for all users. It is visible to a limited set of users. Moreover, there is also no clarity if this is arriving via a server-side update part of an A/B testing or a finalized feature.


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