The Google Pixel Fold Has Been Cancelled!

Google Pixel Fold concept Waqar Khan image 5

At least according to DSCC’s Ross Young.

Keep in mind that Young has been right on everything he has ever said about upcoming devices. So there’s definitely some credence here. But, as always, take this with a grain of salt.

According to the blog post DSCC has put out, they have confirmed with its “supply chain sources that Google has decided not to bring the Pixel Fold to market”. This goes for 2021 and at least the first half of 2022. DSCC goes on to say that they likely “figured that competing against Samsung in the US and Europe in a small niche market-facing higher costs than their primary competitor, would stack the odds against the project.”


It was expected that Google would announce the Pixel Fold in 2021, and release it in 2022. And with Android 12L being announced a few weeks ago, it looked like it might happen. But that appears not to be the case.

While Pixel Fold is canceled, Google is almost certainly working on a foldable

Even though the Pixel Fold has been canceled, it doesn’t mean Google is not working on a foldable of some sort. Google knows that the future is foldables, so it would be stupid for Google not to release one at some point. In addition to that, we’re seeing a lot of changes to Android with Android 12L, which is expected to launch next year.

There was a lot of hype around a Pixel Fold, and that might die down a bit now. But the specs for a Pixel Fold were apparently very similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, with the same size display, and it being 120Hz. Of course, with Google’s camera expertise, it likely would have a much better camera than the Galaxy Z Fold 3.


So there’s that. It’s always possible that Google could release it next fall or even in 2023. But the current project is on a backburner.