Pixel Fold May Include The Same Camera Setup As The Pixel 6 Pro

Google Pixel Fold concept Waqar Khan image 5

The Google Pixel Fold may include the same camera setup as the Pixel 6 Pro. Mishaal Rahman spotted something quite interesting. He spotted a device with the “cloudripper” codename, which has the same camera sensor set as the Pixel 6 Pro.

The Pixel Fold may include the same exact camera setup as the Pixel 6 Pro

In other words, it comes with the Samsung GN1 as its main sensor, and the Sony IMX663, IMX586, and IMX386 sensors. Those are the same rear and front-facing camera sensors that the Pixel 6 Pro is using.

This does not guarantee that the “cloudripper” is actually Google’s upcoming foldable smartphone (which may not be called the Pixel Fold, by the way), not at all. That is the only expected high-end device that Google is expected to launch before the Pixel 7 series, though.


On the flip side, this could just be Google’s development platform, for testing purposes. The “cloudripper” could just be a reference device for Google to test the camera hardware before it includes it in a phone.

Including that telephoto/periscope camera inside a foldable smartphone would be a challenge. It would make the device quite thick, and also heavier than it would be without it. Foldable smartphones are generally quite heavy, so companies are trying to do everything to lower their weight.

Possible Pixel 6a camera setup also surfaced

The “cloudripper” is not the only codename of a device Mishaal Rahman spotted. The “bluejay” device also appeared. This handset has a more modest camera setup, though. It could actually be the Pixel 6a.


This device comes with the Sony IMX363, IMX386, and IMX355 camera sensors. Two out of three sensors here are the same as on the Pixel 5a, but the ultrawide camera is different. This 12-megapixel sensor for an ultrawide camera would be a considerable improvement. It would allow more light to come into the shot, for one.

Either way, we’ll have to wait and see what will happen. Google is expected to announce its foldable phone in the first half of next year, at least based on rumors. The Pixel 7 series is not expected to drop until Q4 next year, and the Pixel 6a will launch before the Pixel 7 as well. Google may announce it at Google I/O 2022, or later on, we’ll see.