Google Photos Home Screen Shortcut To Make Accessing Local Folders Much Easier

Google Photos AH NS 06

Google Photos is a handy app when it comes to managing images stored locally or in Google Drive cloud backup. Besides, it also has an efficient photo and video editing tool.

However, there are a few downsides as well. Accessing locally stored images on your phone is quite a cumbersome process. For the unaware, these locally stored images can be found inside a folder named “Library”, located at the bottom tab.

Thankfully, according to the Google News Telegram group, Google is working on making things a bit easier to locate your locally stored screenshots and other folders. A new shortcut located at the top of the Photos home screen will help you with that.


The Telegram group has shared a few screenshots (attached below) that will help you understand much better. The screenshots show a hard-to-miss shortcut on the app’s home screen.

It will either be on the top of the app or right below the highlight carousel. Moreover, the shortcut will also show you the number of new images that have been added to the folder.

The Google Photos shortcut is rolling out on the latest version of the app

As noted by Android Police, you can argue why screenshots are given such a prominent position in the Photos app. That’s a matter of a different discussion.


The new card may not be limited to screenshots, though. Google Photos may also show folders that have recently been updated with new media files, and show on the home screen, but examples of this are not available. So, we are just guessing here.

Maybe Google Photos could also show this card to recommend newly updated shared albums or other galleries. It may use some machine learning to show you what the app thinks you might want to see.

Recently, Google Photos introduced a feature that allows users to change an image’s date or time. This comes handy as now you do not need to open the desktop version of Google Photos to do so.


Moreover, the Android app received the Material You makeover with new design elements for the home screen. Well, the new Google Photos shortcut is rolling out via a server-side update.

It is recommended that you install the latest version of the Google Photos app, starting with or above, in order for the feature to arrive. If you don’t see the new feature even after updating, then you probably have to wait for a while.

Google Photos screenshots shortcut