Google Lists ‘Certified’ Screen Protectors For The Pixel 6  

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The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are now widely available to customers, giving us a good idea about their positives and negatives. Customers have faced some issues with the under-display fingerprint scanner, which seemingly doesn’t register fingerprints on certain screen protectors.

Google is now providing a list of screen protector brands with the “Made for Google” certification.

“If your fingerprint won’t scan, it might be because of your screen protector. Make sure you’re using a screen protector that is Made for Google certified,” Google said on its support page.


Although this list existed previously, Google has updated the page now with specific information. “Brands that are Made for Google certified for Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 are Zagg, Otterbox, and Panzerglass,” the company said (via).

A majority of the screen protectors by Zagg, Panzerglass, and Otterbox are currently unavailable

Most of the screen protectors listed by Google are either sold out or out of stock right now. It’s worth noting that a handful of other brands also offer screen protectors for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. But it’s probably safer to go with Pixel 6 accessories approved by Google.

This problem can be particularly annoying for users coming from the Pixel 5’s rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The under-display fingerprint scanners on the Pixel 6 requires users to keep their finger on the reader for slightly longer.


The fact that Google specifically mentions screen protectors suggests that a lot of users have complained about this. So it seems like getting the right screen protector could remedy this issue.

Last week, a Pixel 6 user complained about the fingerprint scanner taking several attempts to authenticate. In response, Google said the fingerprint sensor on the new flagship “utilizes enhanced security algorithms,” adding that “these added protections can take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor.”

The fingerprint scanner is not the only issue plaguing some Pixel 6 customers, as we’ve found out recently. Many users also experienced an annoying flickering issue with the smartphone. Google later said it would fix this through a software update by December.


We’ve also come across an issue wherein the Pixel 6 screen shows a second punch-hole, though this doesn’t appear to be widespread at the moment.